How to minimize your facial redness this winter

Everyone loves a glowing skin but the winter’s cold temperatures often gives skin a flush which turns into dry, inflamed skin. And it is not cute. Every time we walk out of the door, our skin is assaulted by freezing wind which is why you should consider protecting your skin this winter. Even if you do not think your skin is sensitive, you need to alter your skincare routine according to the season.

Here is how you can minimize the redness and keep the glow in winter:

Incorporate foods which help reduce redness: Intake foods with antioxidants that help hydrate the skin. Carrots, broccoli and sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from environmental damage. Control the level of spice on your diet. Avoid hot spices which can cause flare ups.

Check the ingredients on your products: Some ingredients could be soothing, while some could have an adverse effect on your skin. Turmeric is excellent for sensitive skin and has potent anti-oxidant properties. Although the ingredients might suit your skin, they could have an adverse impact during colder months. Dr Newmans Clinic suggests that you check the ingredients on every product you use on your skin and it is advisable to follow the practice across all seasons and not only for the winter months.

Understand the impact of alcohol on your skin: Alcohol causes dehydration and leads to an increase in dryness on your skin. Alcohol could cause capillaries to dilate and flow more closely on the surface of the skin. This could cause redness and flushing.

Use Natural moisturizers: It is very important to find the right moisturizer according to the weather. For winters, you will need an oil based moisturizer and oils like almond oil, coconut oil, etc. can be applied on the face. The oil will soften the skin and reduce any redness, itching or dryness from the face.

Moisturize, do not scrub: It is important to look after your skin, irrespective of the season. Make sure you follow a daily skincare routine and change it according to the seasons. In winters, do not scrub your skin but moisturize it with natural moisturizers. If the moisturizer has an adverse impact on the skin, change it or stop using it. You can also use oils as a moisturizer. Scrubbing the skin will increase the redness and cause peeling. Winters are the time to protect and nourish your skin with products that are high in antioxidants.

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